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A raunchy poem using found words and borrowed type from; adverts, packaging and promotions for - and interviews about - asparagus from the 1920s to the modern day.

A collaboration with Clare Howdle for 26 Flavours of Cornwall*.


Oh sparrowgrass,
Sweet river maid,
Oh yes!
It’s a delight, to go down deep,
To please milady.

We’re wet, surely a-flush,
This air of stiffness,
This sensory power.
We mustn’t let it go too far.

Spring up,
Put up, you
Stimulate tender freshness,
On my pantry shelf.

You go very well,
I’ll take what comes,
Nor need you ever hesitate,
Joy bountiful!

Crown me, my dear,
Lead the way,
Plunge succulent spears,
Tips and long,
Your skilled touch,
Enthusiastically welcome,
Two or three days in a row;
Back breaking.

Eat. Eat. Eat.
We grow the best.


*26 Flavours of Cornwall paired 26 writers with 26 designers, matched each team with an item of Cornish produce and challenged them to come up with pieces of art that combine words and design in the form of paper table-settings. The exhibition is at Trebah Garden every day from Friday 1 July to Tuesday 26 July.

Organised by the national writers’ association 26, working with the Cornwall Design Forum and University College Falmouth.

Clare blogged about the 'Asparagus team' here, and you can order an A2 print here.